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Introduction to Aphmau

Aphmau, better known by her YouTube alias Jess, has amassed a large following thanks to her comedic Minecraft acting videos. Everything you want to know about Aphmau, from her character interactions to her recent activities, will be covered in this article.

Aphmau’s Minecraft content

Aphmau’s channel on YouTube is mostly dedicated to Minecraft roleplays. She creates her own characters and skins to use in her stories and adventures. Phoenix Drop High, MyStreet, and Minecraft Diaries are just a few of the titles she has written.

Characters in Aphmau’s videos

Aphmau interacts with many different characters in her movies. Each character has a unique personality, part, and story arc. Aaron, Garroth, Zane, Katelyn, and Laurance are some of the most well-known personalities.

aphmau minecraft server

Aphmau and Aaron

Aaron is one of the most important people in Aphmau’s world, and he is a big part of what she writes.

Aphmau and Aaron’s relationship

Over the course of several seasons, the relationship between Aphmau and Aaron has blossomed into something more romantic. Their romance has become a central theme in many of Aphmau’s films, and the intensity of his feelings for her is palpable.

Key moments between Aphmau and Aaron

Aphmau and Aaron’s journey has been full of memorable moments, such as their first meeting, emotional confessions, and even challenges that could have cost them their lives. Fans love these scenes because they show how their relationship has grown stronger over time.

Aphmau’s new videos

Aphmau keeps giving her audience interesting content by posting new movies that add to her Minecraft world on a regular basis.

Latest series and episodes

Some of her most recent shows and episodes are “My Inner Demons,” “Heart Point,” and “Falcon Claw University.” Each series has new plots, characters, and places, giving her fans new journeys to look forward to.

Collaborations and events

Aphmau works with other YouTubers, voice actors, and Minecraft modders a lot to make interesting videos. Most of the time, these partnerships involve special events, challenges, or custom game types. This gives her channel more variety and keeps things interesting.

Aphmau and friends

Aphmau’s movies are even more fun to watch because her friends add their skills and senses of humour to them.

Many of Aphmau’s friends, such as TheDragonHat, KestinTheVoice, and PrincessRizu, are also well-known YouTubers or voice artists. When they work together, they bring different ideas and styles to Aphmau’s material, which improves the whole experience.

Community engagement

Aphmau and her friends often connect with their community through social media, live streams, and gatherings. This interaction helps build a strong link between the creators and their fans, which leads to a group of people who support and enjoy each other.

Aphmau’s werewolf content

Werewolves are a big part of Aphmau’s world, and they are often the main characters or story points in her videos.

Werewolf lore in Aphmau’s universe

In Aphmau’s world, werewolves are magical animals with their own skills, traits, and ways of getting along. They have a long and interesting past and culture that are explored and built upon in her stories.

Werewolf characters and storylines

In her movies, Aphmau shows different werewolf figures, such as Fenrir, the Alpha of the pack, and other well-known werewolves like Ein, Rylan, and Michi. Often, these figures have their own stories that connect to other parts of Aphmau’s world.

Aphmau on YouTube

Aphmau’s YouTube page has grown a lot since it started, thanks to the interesting videos she posts and her loyal fans.

Channel growth and milestones

Aphmau is one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers because she has a channel with millions of followers and billions of views. Her steady growth is due to the unique stories she tells, her imagination, and her ability to connect with her audience.

Fan interaction and community building

Aphmau interacts with her fans in a lot of different ways, like through social media, live streams, and meet-and-greets. This contact has helped build a strong, helpful group of people who love Aphmau’s work and the world she has created.

Aphmau’s Minecraft adventures

Aphmau’s Minecraft series is full of exciting tales that have kept her readers interested.

Minecraft Diaries series

In “Minecraft Diaries,” one of her best-known stories, Aphmau and her friends live in the kingdom of Phoenix Drop and go on journeys. There are a lot of fans of this series because of how interesting the stories, personalities, and worlds are.

aphmau minecraft skin

Other Minecraft series

Aphmau has made a lot of other stories in the Minecraft world besides “Minecraft Diaries,” such as “MyStreet,” “Void Paradox,” and “Dreams of Estorra.” Each series has new settings, characters, and experiences, giving her fans a wide range of things to watch.

Aphmau’s Minecraft skin

Aphmau’s custom Minecraft skin is easy to spot and reflects who she is online.

Customization and design

Her skin is designed in a way that makes her stand out from other Minecraft characters. She has purple hair, a signature outfit, and a unique style.

How to download and use

The Aphmau Minecraft skin can be downloaded from places like Skindex or Planet Minecraft that sell Minecraft skins. After downloading the skin, players can change their Minecraft game settings to make Aphmau look like them in-game.

Joining Aphmau’s Minecraft server

Fans can talk to each other, play games together, and take part in group events on Aphmau’s Minecraft site.

Server information

Aphmau’s Minecraft server has special game options, events, and a friendly group of players. On her social media sites or on her YouTube account, you can find the server’s IP address and other useful details.

How to join and participate

Players can join Aphmau’s server by adding the server’s IP address to their list of Minecraft servers and following any other steps given. Once players are linked, they can look around the server, take part in events, and talk to other fans.

Drawing Aphmau in Minecraft

For Minecraft fans who like art and design, making pixel art of Aphmau can be a fun and satisfying thing to do.

Step-by-step guide

To draw Aphmau in Minecraft, players should first find pictures of her to use as guides and then find a good place to put their pixel art. Then, using the right-colored blocks, players can make a grid and follow a step-by-step guide to build the pixel art picture of Aphmau.

Tips and tricks

Players can use internet tools and resources, like Minecraft pixel art models and colour conversion charts, to help them plan their designs and choose the right blocks for their artwork.

Building Aphmau’s house in Minecraft

Fans of Aphmau’s material who want to bring her world to life in their game might find it fun to try to build her house in Minecraft.

Design inspiration and layout

To build Aphmau’s house, players should first find pictures and videos of her house in the game and make notes about its important features and layout. Once players have a good idea of the layout and general design, they can plan their build and get the resources they need.

Step-by-step building guide

Once players are ready, they can follow a step-by-step plan to build Aphmau’s house, paying attention to details like the building’s structure, how it looks inside, and how it looks outside. This process may take some time and imagination, but the end result can be worth it.

Aphmau’s Minecraft skins

Aphmau’s different Minecraft skins show how she looks and acts in each of her stories.

Aphmau’s classic purple-haired look, her werewolf form, and outfits from her “MyStreet” and “Minecraft Diaries” stories are some of the most famous skins for her.

How to download and use

Skins made by Aphmau for Minecraft can be downloaded from places like Skindex, Planet Minecraft, and NameMC. After getting the skin they want, Minecraft players can change their game settings to make Aphmau look like them in-game.

Playing Minecraft with Aphmau

aphmau minecraft

Fans who want to connect with Aphmau and her material more directly can have a fun and exciting time playing Minecraft with her.

Collaborations and events

Aphmau sometimes puts on events or works with other people on her Minecraft server or through her social media accounts. Fans should follow her on these sites to find out about chances to play with her in the future.

How to get involved

Fans can take part in events with Aphmau by joining her Minecraft server and then following the directions for that event. Players can also talk to Aphmau through live streams or social media to talk about their experiences in the game or make ideas for new material.

Aphmau’s Minecraft server details

Fans who want to live in Aphmau’s world can do so through her Minecraft server, which is unique and fun.

Server features and rules

The server has special game types, parties, and a nice environment for the community. Players should read the server rules, which are usually written on the server or on Aphmau’s social media pages, to make sure that everyone has a good time.

Community events and activities

Aphmau’s Minecraft server is often used for community events and activities, like contests, minigames, and meetings with a specific theme. Fans can meet each other, work together, and talk about how much they love Aphmau’s music at these events.


Aphmau’s Minecraft universe is full of interesting stories, one-of-a-kind characters, and a lot of ways for fans to connect and explore. Aphmau has a wide range of material that has attracted millions of fans all over the world. This includes her famous series and in-game adventures, as well as her different Minecraft skins and server.


What is Aphmau’s Minecraft server IP address?

Aphmau’s server IP is on her social media and YouTube channels.

How can I download Aphmau’s Minecraft skin?

Skindex, Planet Minecraft, and NameMC provide Aphmau’s Minecraft skin.

What are some popular Aphmau series I should watch?

Aphmau’s popular series include Minecraft Diaries, MyStreet, Void Paradox, and Dreams of Estorra.

Where can I find step-by-step guides for building Aphmau’s house or drawing her in Minecraft?

Tutorials, YouTube videos, and Minecraft forums offer step-by-step instructions.

How can I participate in events with Aphmau?

Join Aphmau’s Minecraft server and follow event instructions to participate. Engage with her on social media or live streaming for more possibilities.

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