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Aqua Affinity in Minecraft


The Minecraft oceans and rivers are full with treasure and peril if you dare to explore them. The presence of water in this subterranean journey may slow your progress. But suppose there was a means of avoiding them altogether. The powerful spell Aqua Affinity greatly improves underwater excavation.

What is Aqua Affinity?

In Minecraft, Aqua Affinity is an enchantment that lets you dig blocks faster when you’re in water. Usually, it takes five times longer to mine underground than on land. With Aqua Affinity, you can mine at the same speed as you can on land. This makes it easier to explore beneath.

Aqua Affinity Enchantment Levels

There is no way to improve upon Aqua Affinity by adding more levels to it. The maximum Aqua Affinity level that may be attained with this charm is 1.

what does aqua affinity minecraft

Aqua Affinity vs. Respiration

Respiration Enchantment

The ability to breathe underwater is another magical feature. It extends your time underwater, whether you’re exploring, mining, or fighting critters.

Comparing Aqua Affinity and Respiration

You can remain underwater for longer thanks to respiration, and Aqua Affinity will speed up your mining. Both spells have their uses, but they are distinct. If you’re looking for an underwater mining solution, Aqua Affinity is your best bet. If you want to have more time to explore or battle monsters, then breathing is the way to go. Make the most of your time underwater by casting both spells upon your helmet.

Depth Strider

How it Works

The spell Depth Strider can also be cast to help you navigate the ocean floor. It improves your underwater speed, allowing you to spend less time in peril.

Depth Strider Levels

The speed boost from each of Depth Strider’s three ranks is significant. The highest level, called Depth Strider III, allows you to go nearly as fast underwater as you would on dry land.

aqua affinity minecraft enchantment

How to Get Aqua Affinity

Enchanting Table

You can add Aqua Affinity to your hat by using an enchanting table. Make sure you have enough levels of experience and lapis lazuli to do the spell.


You can also get Aqua Affinity by putting together a helmet that isn’t enchanted and a book that is enchanted and has Aqua Affinity. Put both things on an anvil, and then use your experience points to finish the process.


Aqua Affinity may also be attained with the use of Grindstones. You can use a grindstone to remove unwanted enchantments off an Aqua Affinity helmet if you discover one. Using this way, Aqua Affinity can remain attached to the helmet.

Other Important Enchantments


When cast on an attacker, the Thorns spell increases the damage they take from hitting you. This magic can be used to ward off mobs or other groups of assailants. There are three tiers of Thorns, with increasing damage dealt to the attacker at higher tiers.


The unbreakable spell increases the durability of your armour, tools, and weapons. The items you use often will benefit the most from this spell because it extends their lifespan. There are three tiers of Unbreaking, with higher tiers increasing the odds that utilising an item won’t shorten its lifespan.


Mending is a potent spell that consumes orbs of experience to repair damage. It doesn’t level your character up, but rather repairs an item so it may be utilised for longer. A helmet with Aqua Affinity and Respiration is an excellent example of something you wouldn’t want to break and would benefit greatly from Mending.

what is aqua affinity minecraft

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Differences with Java Edition

The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft is available for Windows 10 PCs, mobile devices, and consoles. There are variations in features, mechanics, and material despite the similar core gameplay.

Aqua Affinity in Bedrock Edition

Aqua Affinity works the same in both Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. With the enchantment, you can dig blocks underwater faster, making your time underwater more productive.

Aqua Affinity and Modded Minecraft

Mods for Minecraft can add new enchantments or improve ones that are already there, like Aqua Affinity. Most of the time, these changes make the game more useful and give players new ways to play.

Custom Enchantments

Some mods add their own enchantments that work with Aqua Affinity or change it. For example, a mod could add a new enchantment that makes it easier to see underwater or speeds up moving. When used with Aqua Affinity, these unique enchantments can make the underwater experience more real.

Enchantment Tweaks

Improvements to existing enchantments are the subject of certain add-ons. These modifications may affect Aqua Affinity’s interaction with other enchantments or even its maximum possible level. A mod may, for instance, allow Aqua Affinity to be equipped to many pieces of armour, so amplifying the impact.

Using Modded Minecraft Launchers

To play a modded version of Minecraft, you need a browser that works with mods, like Forge or Fabric. These launchers make it easy to install and handle mods, so you can change how Minecraft works for you.

Tips for Underwater Exploration

Exploring the ocean floor can be both fun and scary. Here are some ways to get the most out of your Aqua Affinity helmet:

  1. Bring potions: When travelling underwater, potions that let you breathe under water and see in the dark can be very helpful. You can stay underwater longer and see better in the dark depths when you have them.
  2. Equip a shield: When facing underwater mobs like drowned or guardians, you must have a shield. It can stop their attacks and give you time to respond.
  3. Use doors or torches for temporary air pockets: Putting a door or torch on a solid block beneath makes a temporary air pocket that lets you catch your breath without going back to the surface.
  4. Always carry a spare helmet: You should bring an extra Aqua Affinity helmet with you in case yours breaks. So, you can keep doing what you were doing underwater without stopping.
  5. Watch your oxygen level: Watch your oxygen metre, especially if you don’t have a helmet that helps you breathe. If you run out of air, you could drown and lose your important things.


Strong and adaptable, Aqua Affinity facilitates speedier underwater mining and more pleasurable underwater travel. It’s possible to create a fascinating and realistic underwater world in Minecraft by combining it with other enchantments like Respiration and Depth Strider, as well as modified Minecraft and useful advice.


Can Aqua Affinity be applied to any armor piece?

Helmets only receive Aqua Affinity.

Can I combine Aqua Affinity with other enchantments?

Aqua Affinity works with helmet enchantments like Respiration, Unbreaking, and Mending.

Is there a difference between Aqua Affinity in Java Edition and Bedrock Edition?

Aqua Affinity operates the same in Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft.

Can I get Aqua Affinity from fishing or trading?

Aqua Affinity can get enchanted books via fishing or trade with villages. Use an anvil to enchant a helmet.

What is the maximum level of Aqua Affinity?

Aqua Affinity Enchantment level I is the highest.

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